The New Marvel Universe

The New Marvel Universe

Attention comic readers! It's completely possible that the combination of the Marvel comic realities could be a disaster.  Using my favorite childhood comic Spider-Man as an example, he had at least four seperate comics running in the 90's.  Spider-Man, Spectacular Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man and a weekly comic strip... and none of those effected the other.

As of now... there will be one Spider-Man in the larger MCU...  and that's better, for now. Actions will have larger consequences that will ripple and effect other characters. 

In addition, there are new faces to the characters, once again using Spidey as a template, Peter Parker is not the main Spider anymore.... it is now Miles Morales... and while purists may get upset, I cannot.   The interpretation, and his implementation has been perfect, and it opens up the variety of the cast.  A half black- half Latino as the companies biggest hero? I'm in... but only because Marvel could have messed it up, massively.  More on what could have gone wrong, later.

The  new female Thor is interesting as well, because Thor is a title.. (for the uninitiated, anyone who can wield Mjolinir is Thor.)  Once again, large ripple and new diversity.  Once male, The Wolverine is now a female, while Logan continues to live, he has become Old Man Logan.

I for one am happy this combination of diversity has been done correctly and logically by the company.
Now let's talk about how to do this wrong.  The newest Fantastic Four movie, while looking to diversify it's cast made a major mistake.  By making Johnny Storm Black, and Susan Storm adopted you made a grave mistake.   I understand the mentality... in the real world diverse families exist, adoptions happen, and that could happen.

But in characters that alone are a family... Ben Grimm and Reed Richards, the other members who will eventually occupy the Baxter building, could easily have been black.  But the director of this story has chosen to drum up controversy by making fans seem racist, when it should not have been like that. 

Given the choice and logic of the Fantastic Four if you want to diversify, if you only want to make one character black, Reed is the choice. It breaks the horrendous stereotype of blacks shown in movies as either reckless, party animals, or dumb. 

Personally I don't mind the casting of Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm, what you don't do is break up the blood. Susan Storm should've been black as well. If a sequel happens using the story either way, that I just described... an automatic new repercussion of Reed Richards and Susan Storm's future baby is now half black. Opening up a new paradigm to the universe, naturally.

Like Marvel did. The multiverses in the comics won't end forever but the merging into one coherent all encompassing world for now, is exciting. 

And Dr. Doom, who is the only villain ever with a completely noble cause is the one to combine them. 

There is a right way to change the universe

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