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    Ladies and Gentlemen, The Happy Hour is Coming!Starting Sunday, 4/19/2015 - at 7pm CST, And occuring Read More
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    After over a month of shuffling multiple schedules, dropping slots, adding slots, adding more slots, Read More
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It's Happy Hour!
Music News
Ladies and Gentlemen, The Happy Hour is Coming!Starting Sunday, 4/19/2015 - at 7pm CST, And occuring...
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Mon Apr 20 @ 8:00AM - 09:00PM
Tue Apr 21 @ 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Stairwell Showcase
Wed Apr 22 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
Side B Radio
Thu Apr 23 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
the icehouse
Fri Apr 24 @ 7:00PM - 10:00PM
Grave Disorder

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0:00 / 0:00 formed in the late 90s after founder iceberg tried a few other internet radio stations and podcasters and decided he could do this on his own. In some ways he was right, in other ways so very wrong. To start, it was designed to promote only the Dallas music scene and to help iceberg understand how it works technically. Over the next 10+ years, RenegadeRadio would be involved in or leading some pretty creative projects and we're still going stronger than ever.

RenegadeRadio has been fortunate enough to work with local bands such as Faktion, Venture, Frolic, Monkeyshyne, The Bright, Generation Wasted, Alterflesh, The Circle, Dark Avenue and bands across the state of Texas such as Ember, Feel Never Real, Memory of a Melody, Dawn Over Zero, From The Messenger, Ayleanne and many more. Iceberg has emcee'd countless bands and their CD debuts, pre-stage performances and has even sang on stage with The Bright and Monkeyshyne. Renegade Radio has shown a strong support of the local music scene since day 1 and has produced several videos and releases from live band performances from Joey C Jones Greatest Hits to producing several Project 232 songs to so much more to help local and indie music get heard.

The station has sponsored endless live shows and can broadcast from any live venue with an internet connection and a feed to the board and has done so several times.  Recent live streams include MELODYFEST 2011 and 2012, Neverset's "One Night Stand" Reunion Show, multiple broadcasts and showcases for The Heart of Texas Rock Fest from 2012 to present during SXSW, countless showcases and live streams from Evenflow Bar and Grill in Long Island, NY featuring local bands such as Revel 9, Craving Strange and many more. We conduct both live and written interviews and have interviewed artists such as Ville Valo (HIM), Pearl (Meatloaf's daughter), Dan Chandler (Evans Blue) and Adam Gontier (Three Days Grace) to written interviews with Jeff Current (Against All Will), Tim Jones (Feel Never Real) and so many more.

Also to their credit, RenegadeRadio sponsored a segment on Los Angeles FM Radio called "icepicks" where their founder (iceberg) would call Jeff Duran, then afternoon drive time DJ at 100.1 The Edge, and talk about a local, indie or even a national band that was "flying under the radar".  During this time iceberg was able to promote dozens of local bands and even more under-exposed indie and national bands before ending the segment in the summer of 2010.

Before the segment ended, icepicks spawned into a bigger segment called "Dallas vs LA" where iceberg sent up various indie bands from Dallas and across Texas to California to take on artists such as Vains of Jenna, Serj Tankian and many other national artists from California.  Even though we sent our best indie to take on anything Jeff Duran could throw at them, Renegade Radio showed their support, and Feel Never Real, representing Texas, took it all and won a month in The Edge's rotation.

Through the past decade iceberg has learned that in no way could anyone do this alone.  He knows he's been fortunate enough to build a team of like minded people who do this for the love of music as well which he has in his current crew.   Between long time vets Sean Twisted, Street Team Leader & DJ Jemini, and Alumni Mark “Big Dog” Robertson & Kelly “CelticAngel” Hitt Renegade has had a core of people who are committed to the long haul. All "Renegades" do what they must from promotions to DJ'ing to writing for the site in order to help the music we love get heard by as many people as we can.


Well you'll just have to stay tuned and keep listening and we'll tell you soon enough. For  now, just know we've got some history to make.