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why i watch movies, sports and entertaining things

the real world can suck at times. these days for sure. the world seems hellbent on destroying itself and at times, it's hard to find fault in that idea. this last election took a huge toll on us all as a society and culture and regardless of who won, a good 1/2 the people who are emotionally tied to the results, lost. that's a lot of losing to get over. not happening very gracefully either. now i could google some of my own examples of the world gone mad but we all have our own examples. rioting since the left lost the election and showing them obama bumper stickers of "we won, get over it" do......

icepicks - november; saint asonia

ok - in before the 15th so i'm ahead of the game! sorry about missing my show last thursday but the flu was busy taking my ass out. i've coughed up a lot more than i've eaten so i do believe im on the road to recovery and today i actually have the energy to make gross analogies in my opening statements again. I STILL GOT IT!!! now - enough of me. while listening to our own stream i sometimes find bands all over again. while wondering who to tell you about this month i came across saint asonia and fell in love with the lyrics instantly. "Now I'm leaving MinnesotaWould have been nice to hav......

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16 August 2016
“I was stylin’ and profilin’ in elementary school, and knew what I wanted to do with my life when I was six years old.” said Joey C Jones, kicking back with his feet propped up when asked how it all b...
04 December 2016
Most of us go through high school without a clear path ahead but with any luck, some questions answered about what we’d like to do with our time and life. Then again, some people just know early on an...
09 June 2015
"Do you have a flag?" ... "No flag, no country!  You can't have one!" ... "Those are the rules that I've just made up!" During the Age of Exploration (late 1400s to at leas...
16 November 2015
Whenever you start quoting latin, you know you’re quoting some old OLD verbiage. This statement in fact is found in Book 3 of Latin author Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus tract De Re Militari, alth...
18 July 2015
Attention comic readers! It's completely possible that the combination of the Marvel comic realities could be a disaster.  Using my favorite childhood comic Spider-Man as an example, he had at ...