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the icehouse

the icehouse is going through a revamp. while i still love to play music no one has ever heard, i'm going to change it up a bit and try something different for 2017. with the advent of the internet it does seem every station has an ULTIMATE 80s SHOW - and i just can't let myself do that. what is the point of me playing 80s hits that were top 40 at the time and you can hear anywhere and likely already have in a podcast somewhere?

but having lived through the 80s, and also having a jessica kuyawa on staff, there's more to the 80s than 90% of the ULTIMATE 80s are offering and we can provide it. there are lesser known bands still rocking today and there are B sides that were arguably better than the "hit"song of the day. so "icebergs 80s" will bring you many of the same bands, but the songs you don't always hear on the radio but remember just the same. or in jessicas case, born too late to live it, but she's loving it just the same and introduces me to things i missed.

go figure. :)

but it won't all be 80s - there will be spotlights mixed into the icehouse that will feature brand new music as well as maybe some bands who just don't get the play they should. to me there's simply no point in doing what everyone else is doing or you can listen anywhere else.

i like ya listening here. i love being able to bring back great memories and help show music, rock and roll in particular, is alive and well despite being killed off by so many who are too damn lazy to look for it. but if you're here, you're listening and you've found it - looking for something familiar, but different.

this is the new icehouse for 2017. familiar, but different. maybe like someone elses deja vu.  :)

tune in, read our reviews, and check out all our shows. we got something for everyone here at renegade.