republican debates - i b illin...

i tried to watch it. i really did. i wanted to see if FINALLY adults could go a few minutes w/o acting like children or forum bullies just sitting and waiting to say SCREW FACTS I'M GETTING A SHOT IN!!!!

it never happened. the debate got changed after about 5 minutes.
when rubio (anyone else go "ru ru rubio" to genesis when they say his name also?) just jumped on trump for repeating himself all i could think was the little boy got hurt and he put that bullet in his ammobelt and couldn't wait to say the same thing about someone else.
for the love of god it's scarey as hell that ANY OF THESE FOOLS ON EITHER SIDE is going to lead us when they're all so full of shit the best we can do is pick the prettiest turd.
all we have are grown up, for the most part (ru ru rubio) running around shouting talking points (TALKING points people!) and saying nothing at all that can be judged later.
people say they'll leave the country if a republican is elected and oddly enough, i don't think any asshole on either side making such stupid statements has ever done it.
rush limbaugh didn't do it (ya dorkass for being that stupid)
eddie vedder and stephen baldwin didn't leave (freaking lying sacks of shit getting my hopes up
and the list goes on and on. it's quite long on the "If trump becomes president!!!!" list actually, and funny. Cher? Jupiter? get the hell outta here then.
but back to the debates. it's sad. it really is that grown men take jr high pot shots at each other and then sit back with a "YEA I SAID THAT" smirk on their face.
what i'd give to see a candidate look at rubio and say something like "do you EVER NOT act like you're 12?"
then again, that would apply to them all last night.
i weep for the future of our country but i'm here to the bitter end. they say things go in cycles and i can only hope this cycle of hatred and stupidity ends soon.
shock tu, 25 years later...give or take
success in the aftermath - rock is NOT dead

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