"it's for the victims..." my ass

in response to the FBI caling out Apple and once again demanding NOT that they retrieve informarmation from a cell phone, but that they "backdoor" security just for them i can only say "hell to the no". i mean, really. it's for the victims? (the story)

of course it is. i mean, our government is baffled by a phone and that in itself is worrisome. however, what is more troubling is the constant use of emotionalizing this to say it's about "the victims"
"it's for the children!" used to be the battlecry. now, the victims.
look, i want to nail these bastards plans as much as the next guy. like most americans if push came to shove i'll pick up a gun and fire back. well, if given the chance depending on circumstances. if i uncover anything we need to know i'll speak up. i'm 100% inline with wanting to stop terrorism in any form or fashion that i can.
but i'm 100% against this.
this can't be the only way to find out their plans. this can't be the missing link to stopping global terrorism.this can't be the way to peace.
not when it means you can't hide anything from the government again. also, if it were for the victims, the request would be "unlock the data and give it to us" not "put a back door in here so we can get into whatever the fuck we want".
it's for the children...
...it's what the terrorists want...
it's all bullshit. it's all about control and their ability to dive deeper into our lives at their discretion.
let me shorten that up to 4 words. 4 1/2 really.
it's all about control.
now the emotional slings and arrows are coming out but they're coming from someone who cries wolf far too often and "we the people" are tired of hearing the lies and hypocrisy. i don't think we're to a time just yet where there's a "revolution" but we're not far from it.
as the government continues to push their way deeper and deeper into our lives you must stop and ask yourself, what is the real cost of this "protection"? couple that with the protection must not be that good or we'd not need their phone to stop more attacks, what do you have?
a request that goes far beyond this incident in question concerning the importance of this phone. this isn't about "the victims" so please stop that shit at the door.
it's all about control.
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