excuse me, mr president. we are not safer today than yesterday

excuse me, mr president. we are not safer today than yesterday

over the years our president has come on tv time and again to tell you we are safe. the bad guys are not going to get us in our sleep. because of his efforts we've not had attacks in our country and he will continue to ensure we do not. this was stressed recently in his state of the union address.

really? does anyone really think the world is safer? i don't. while not the entire fault of obama, his actions to seem to divide more than heal. his policy, certainly not traditional in the terms of making people safer.

how do these things just off the top of my mind make us safer?

for gun control we have a president who ran guns to mexico yet tells Americans they must follow policy he's making up.

for middle east relations, he's turned away long time ally in Israel and is making deals with countries that turn around and capture our soldiers and fire missiles in our direction and still continue their nuclear program, albeit now blessed.

the wars over there are still ongoing and the fallout is bring brought to america by the thousands without even the ability to properly check backgrounds. how is this safer than when we didn't? ethics aside please, how is this safer than before?

our streets are no safer and criminals are given leniency our law enforcement can't sniff. we blame those who noticed the crimes, not the criminal. we blame physical items instead of physical beings. how is this safer?

we've had attacks recently in california and towards again, a police officer shot in the name of terrorism. is that officer safer? is any officer safer?

are guns sales on the rise? why? cause people feel safe and secure as told by our president? or because they now feel they must take matters into their own hands?

is the global economy getting better, or worse? is china recovering, or still falling? are we tied to whatever happens to china? do people get more violent in tough times? how is this safer?

we printed how much money to prop up decades of bad decisions and investments? did this result in a safe economy and more jobs? well, without changing how you measure such things?

the world is far from safer and telling people that only distances people from this mythical reality our president presented because we are in fact not a safer world.

not by a long shot.

but at this point, what's another lie from a politician?

when are *we the people* going to demand more from those who step up to lead us? when will "we the people" stop bickering over the bullshit the very politicians we ALL complain about put in front of us so we DON'T demand better?

we need to make this world a better place and laughing at the lies is a good place to start

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