Being Rebellious - Again. Why?

Being Rebellious - Again. Why?

From CNN:

Volunteer Rebels? Tennessee County votes Monday on raising Confederate flag. Story.

it's a flag people. nothing more, nothing less. what it represents is what it represents *to you* and your feelings are not universal. no one has that "right". what we do have is tolerance and understanding of the complex views and attitudes that make up this country but somewhere along the way it became a crime. a symbol of hate that if anyone used it to support overall freedom, they were racist. period. extremes handed out by mob mentality that bear no meaning or even truth to the statement. just hate in return. over a flag deemed no longer worthy of being seen so we must erase it from history.

the simple fact of the matter is - you tell someone they can't have something, they want it. that is human nature. not racism, not sexism, and not any other 'ism' either popular or about to be popular one day. it's what we as people do and up until recently it was understood.

i'm not perfect so i won't expect the other person to be. yet we now have 1 movement saying what we can and should think and feel. that has been wrong every time tried in history and i've yet to see it ever work in a sustained fashion. the "rebellious" nature of us simply won't allow it.

when they railed on the flag and said IT MUST GO my fight was not for a flag on gov property. personally i think they settled that long ago through due legal process and said it would no longer be moved. yet another shooting and it comes up again and people got mad again and instead of focusing on the issue, they focus on race and decided that a flag hurts them. the memory around that *can* be painful but we all have painful memories and that's been a part of life since we've had memories.

but i knew then the PC crowd would not stop at a flag on a courthouse. they're too damn busy telling people how to live, what to think, and changing history so it reads better for our great great great great great grandchildren.

well at this pace who knows what they hell they'll be reading about but it won't be the country we built to this point. not at this rate. then again these things do go in cycles and once you hit an extreme it has no way to go but down and the other way.

when the flag on the courthouse spilled over to ebay and amazon and so many others banning the simple sale of *a flag* (of which the US flag has done just as much wrong in the treatment of others and at the time didn't give a damn about slavery, yet it flies unquestioned) to the dukes of hazzard my point was proven.

mob mentality sucks. you can't *start* something fantatic "in good faith" and pretend people will stop. "success has been rewarded" and now they want their 15 minutes of fame so the issue "broadens" and takes out things never intended to be hurtful but they must now go. they never stop at one thing. once they think they've proven something wrong it must ALL go and people are so anxious to find fault it becomes nothing but easy when pointed out to you with a KILL message.

it's just a flag that only takes on meaning when forced. the memories are not and were not the meaning of the flag today and certainly it has mixed emotions by all races through it's history and it's not done yet.

the more the pc crowd pushes...the higher this flag will get flown in defiance. none of which has anything to do with the root issues to begin with because we're all so mired in the window dressing to get to the heart of the matter.

banning a flag, or waving it high, will never fix that.

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