2 sided politics

the democrats were told a year ago there was hacking going on. on one hand i'd love to come out and AH HA YOU KNEW but being in the security industry - yea - it happens and you rely on a lot around you to keep it safe. there's a fine line between secure and pain in the arse, and that varies from business to business depending on how secure they wish to be.

spearfishing - however - is a tough one. setup a new domain or buy a 10 year old dormant one and setup shop. target some people by their e-mails and suggested level of security and send the messages designed to do no more than have them click it to activate it.

they're in.

the hypervilagence we all live in today is very very real. the need for security moreso and the security is the one that has to change to meet the demand / threats, not necessarily the end user. but the end user still needs to be smarter than to open up ANY attachment in e-mail. period. while they can be as sneaky as they want to be this has been a rule since there was e-mail. the attackers in the end count on a few things - unknown threats to exploit for a limited time it will be "unknown", known threats that are not patched, end users. there are more of course but this is a huge bulk.

all that said - what do you do if your security team at work comes to you to say you're under hattack. (new word - hack attack!) you can stress all the simple methods of protection to end users but spearfishing works esp if designed well. given this is a political climate all you do is say something about "listen to what trump said - this is going to sink him!"

yea, click bait. whoever clicks it is likely compromised and depending on the attack, it's over.

but many end users are just stupid still. so this works and it would work for all sides - being DNC has nothing to do with it other than they wore the target. RNC, mcdonalds, GM, wouldn't matter. people are stupid in this regard and sooner or later your bait will catch something.

who i fault is their security team. but even then - no one is bulletproof. spend enough resources you'll get in. resources in this case would likely be time.

both the DNC and the RNC are in chaos for so many different reasons. to hear any one side laugh at the other is only to ignore your own house in flames. but look at us - it's still happening. we've gone past the 2 sided politics and we're using them as ways to fight more or less. both sides know this is hammered moose manure sliding down the road on a hot summer rain filled day where the humidity amplifies the smell to epic proportions. this sliding **** simply can't move fast enough for me and we move on to whatever stage is next. hillary or trump.

whoever wins *we the people* need to cut this out. both hillary and trump are telling their fanbase what they want to hear, correct? then we need to be telling them something different as their actions are a reflection of how they think they can get our attention to keep them in power.

our "family feud" as the 2 biggest jack asses to ever run for office hellbent on losing the election in a seemingly historic manner. one can't stop lying and one just can't shut up cause everything he says is just ego driven manure in a rush to catch back up to the moose.

2 sided politics. some even say we need a 3rd or 4th option but in the end we could be south africa and have a dozen options but those options also fragment their own base to subsets and you run around with seriously demented parties. moreso than today.

what our forefathers knew and didn't know will always be subject to our interpretations fed by large study of the climate at the time but that makes you wonder that if we're in a decline here, what will be said about us and our temperament in 200 years. 500? this a blip on the radar or really as bad as it seems and it seems really bad right now.

the hard part to figure out today is - are we in a climax or are we still building to something more?

i still believe in a 2 party system but the foundations of both of those parties are in fact shifting to our modern culture. we tend to want to be better than our parents or past and in some cases, get drastic in that regard and that's how things fall apart. both parties are in flux and neither will be defined in this election. that process is slow and painful also.

i just hope "we the people" can stop killing each other and put away the hate until we can get there

icepicks - Grimm Jack, Random Dogs & Rainchild
Stryper - Gas Monkey Live

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