offline, holler at the iceberg - explained

here at renegade we've gone through more players than any man, woman or child should have to go through. we've been searching for the perfect one that fits and plays everywhere and for the love of midget sex to people with short attention spans, there just are not many out there. the one we have now is fantastic but not as easy to configure as i'd like. oh, it would be if i did it every day but face it, we don't change the stream provider very often.

until now.

basically what this message means is that our server hosting the stream isn't getting the data so no, you can't listen to the stream unfortunately. before the start of the year this meant a lof ot things, mostly some of our band end band aids fell off and the like. dj changes were cumbersome but worked so we never did much about it. however, dj twisted had to be getting tired of the manual hosting of shows, podcasts and my insane requests over time and something needed to change before change was forced on us.

enter our cloud server.

we can now log in and out of it without manual intervention. that in itself is a godsend. however, we're still new to this server software in production and the only way to test some things, is live. so first, thank you for being our beta tester. while it seems like its' gone on for 15 years it's only because it has. did i mention players that work well and reliably are hard to find? we don't anticipate it taking long to figure out why things may bump our cloud away but we'll get it back shortly and resume the rockin and apologize ahead of time for any hassles this may bring you.

we certainly appreciate anyone who chooses to help us promote the music we love and hope you do the same by continuing to come back and check out not just the stream but the myriad of shows we also have available and that is even growing. more content is coming. the world is changing dammit and we are changing with it!

and that means a few more hiccups while we figure things out and relate issues to new server software settings. for those saying "read the damn manual" i can only say there are times those don't exist and you're pretty much making stuff up as you go.

so just a quick FYI that is you see the player doing that we apologize and know we're working on it, and to get the shows back online as soon as possible. this should only really affect the 24x7 stream (which fucking rocks, btw!) but all individual shows will have the source w/o interruption. usually. this is the internet, ya know.

take care, rock on, and thank you again for jammin with us.


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