the walking dead - season 7 premiere

the walking dead - season 7 premiere

spoiler alert.

numb. that's the best i can put it. relief it wasn't glen but sad it was abraham as he was always the "backbone" of things at times. he got the last word in, sorta. i consoled myself quite a bit that i was *dead wrong* in this and it wasn't glen. this got me through the repeated hits and crunching noises.

but i'm already ahead of myself.

i should have known that TWD simply can't just say what happened. not after an 8 month layoff in which 10s of thousands of people died between cliffhanger and reveal (that alone has to be a record - how many real life people died not knowing who died?) and after they pulled away to commercial before showing what was left of someones hair cut, you knew the show was about who was killed.

dragging rick off to break him and the manner in which he did. i must say i kept thinking "right hand man" meant someone was losing theirs. i expected rick to come out w/o his hand or something for his "defiance".

negan. simply put he catapulted himself up into one of the most hated villains of modern times. he's got this part down cold and in 1 show, smoked the governor. "she's a vampire bat" coupled with the photography and his own "scarecrow" like stance and saunter was, to me, the classic line of the season premiere. then seeing what rick had to go through in getting the axe, and negan toying with him and saving rick inches before death several times, cat and mouse. i own you. you die without me.

now back to abraham and my morbid sense of relief we get to keep glen. negan was very clear they got 1 free shot and it was gone oddly enough in an act of love, not retribution or revenge. that act cost us glen and daryl will be working that one out for a long long time and the guilt is going to consume him in a carol like fashion.

the death of glen. wow. once daryl got his shot in you knew it was a...double header. you hoped with each passing second negan would give 1 more free shot. you hoped he'd find something, anything else to do but kill glen.

"think about what could happen, rick" and then rick thinks and sees every other member of his group get the bat and you wonder for a brief moment if rick was the last man standing but then - "think about what could happen" comes back and you know rick is doing just that.

back to glen and the first hit that ... well... you saw it i don't need to get into it but from what i understand, this drives maggie to leadership as she was the last one who still had the will to fight back.

the table has been set and no one before that i know of has ever made a more dominate introduction than negan. the gore has likely turned people away from show as it will, and did, leave me numb. i just sat there and had to think about what i saw. we know the next few seasons are now set and from the comics and what has already been done with morgan building a prison cell of his own but how many more will die between here and there and when do the rasta-knights come into play?

we're set for one of the best seasons in a long time and if this is any indication, it's going to be a very very *escalated* walking dead storyline in many ways.

i'm in.

The Twisted One Returns
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