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iceberg has not set their biography yet

sonoffabichberg, again???

Another year, another website. Or so it would seem. The last one we had never really took off but never to let failure stop me (donuts yes, failure no, unless it’s failure to stop eating donuts) I took what I learned and the team here regrouped, huddled up, took on different roles and responsibilities and here we are. We’ve put together yet another website but this one is about 90% html 5 compliant and should work 100% on phones, if not a big wonky on a few things. Sorry. The work that goes into trying to make a site like this isn’t as easy as it looks. Unless it looks like a total bitch, ......

Deaf Havana - Old Souls

Deaf Havana - Old Souls
In another rare move, Old Souls, the bands 1st official US release, has simply exceeded my lofty expectations and given me an anchor in a sea of lost music searching for a home. I honestly have no idea what that reference really means, but it sounds cool so I’ll keep it.   I would love to say that I could pick out a favorite, but that would imply that there are “less favorite” songs on this release. That’s simply not the case as Old Souls is one rocking hit after another, never falling into a rut or making me feel like I heard the songs before. I can say some songs will hit home in wa......

where music goes to play

So, it was with that hope, that some of the lounge owners, would tell you what to play, when to play it, and to take every single request no matter what, and NEVER play what they don't tell you..   Yeah. That worked out pretty well for me.    You see, I've always had one rule that I've stood by - Don't play music that sucks. Don't do the same s*%t that every other DJ does and pimp Metallica, just because they (At one point and time) were all OVER the f*%#ing place ("Mandatory Metallica", anybody?). Don't play Nickelback because that's what's "hot"..   ......

we're not dead yet...i think i'll go for a walk now...

i must admit, i never thought there would be a time people could post a python quote and have someone mistake it for reality. but, it happened. how in the hell this relates to the latest newsreel i'm not real sure, but let me see what i can do. been awhile since i plopped on my ass AND wrote something like this.   been too long, actually. while i'm not sure if you can ever lose a talent like writing i suppose it is like anything else. don't use it, it gets weak, is about to die, but the liberals come along guilt the working class into coming along and saying they're offended at so......

wasted time behind me

you ever find yourself learning to laugh all over again remembering a time you never had to learn at all   i sometimes find myself nodding my head to a song in my mind singing about a time a time i could have had it all   i've been knocked down, i've fallen too wasting my life wondering what to do night after night they all blurred in time i let it happen i made my own mind i never wanted a single thing to change falling was far too easy to do   i usually found myself lost in another state of mind thinki......

Oh sure, blame the guy in the dress

well, that's how my friend ALF put it long ago in a time that really seems far far away. we're making progress to the site that hopefully you don't really notice. you need to keep in mind that over the course of starting this year we were on hostgator and since moved back to bluehost. why? don't get me started but you piss me off for the 10th time i've had enough.   nuff said.   we did however have 1 singular focus - build an html 5 compliant site. why? cause *most* phones, pads, and remote devices read html5 w/o issue. this means you can hit our site and listen to th......

more of the same, i know

ok, while some things i've wanted and tried to make happen have fallen through lately, i also have to step back and realize too many things are "getting to me" these days and they never really have before. i attribute part of this the sudden lifestyle changes i made 6 months ago that i'm still working through and i need to focus on what i have done, not necessarily what's left to do. while i can be a "whiner" at times, it does seem i've done a lot of it lately and i don't like that, so i'll whine about my whining now. ok, done. my truck will be fine and i'm sure i'll love it when i get......

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