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social media crumbles again

Sort of. You can’t make efforts to avoid the law. You must be over 18 to talk about guns. (if someone could explain that bit of nonsense to me, I’d appreciate it) and in a bold move have issued this pointed statement that simply could *never* be misrepresented. “will not permit people to post offers to sell regulated items that indicate a willingness to evade or help others evade the law."(reference) Well that should clear everything up, to be sure. But what *is* the law exactly? Well gun control activists call this the “gun show loophole” because you see, if you are a private seller, yo......

my private war with att

Currently I have direcTV and it's not bad. i hate the "record" feature when I just want to watch something and that annoys me. then there's the "pregnant pause" feature. Hit the button, bring up the channels, hit "page down" and get told to fuck off. the TV wants to sit there for a bit longer. FINALLY it catches up but it's annoying and even more so on bad days. finally, to order pay per view I just see no friggin reason to have to say "ok" to "enjoy your show" to get the crap off my tv screen. I say "yes i'll pay for this" and put the remote down only to have to get it again cause if you don'......

is the PC on life support?

With the ever changing face of technology these days, consumers are now caught between computers, phones and all sorts of tablets in between. There was a day when Microsoft led the way and over time accomplished Bill Gates simple mission statement of “a personal computer on every desk and in every home”. While the PC isn’t “dead” yet it is on life support and losing ground to more mobile platforms such as the iPad and Android.  In fact, tablet sales accounted for 1/3 of the global computer sales during the 4th quarter of 2012.  In fact, sales of PC’s across the globe has fallen ......

they say guns kill people

Guns don’t kill people. We hear that a lot but in today’s society they sure seem used by others to get the job done. Most recently we’re all aware of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting where 20 children and 6 adults lost their lives at the hands of 20 year old Adam Lanza. This is a heartbreaking event and many have called for stricter gun control laws. But is that the answer? In looking at this event on its own, Lanza was refused his request to purchase a gun. Why? He didn’t want to wait 14 days for the background check.   So now the law did in fact stop someone from purchasing a gun. Did......

bucket list - arctic style

Bucket List. I have to imagine we all have one but we keep putting things off. Work, cost, is that *really* on the list? Sometimes you have to stop and then, just go. Go do it. Put away the excuses and hide the reasons from the logical side of you. So while I had some downtime, I decided recently to shut up and then, just go.   Past bucket list items I’ve checked off include singing on stage with friends. This may not sound like much, but growing up whenever I tried to sing in the car with friends, it was always the “what did you do with the money your mother gave you?” type stuff. Fi......

it's christmas eve and it's snowing

repost from 2009 but wanting to save the content.   how about that? the traditional snow on christmas here in dallas, texas. we do get snow a few times a year, but rarely when it's supposed to and rarely does it last more than a few hours. but today, i can look out my office window and see the snow slowly cover up the grass. i started to remember the last time it snowed on christmas and my mind drifted way back to my college years in oklahoma. i don't remember anything specific but i do remember it would be much more likely to do it there than anywhere else i've lived. that being aust......

a pop tart moment

happen? I've had several "pop tart" moments since the original one and now I've just come to appreciate them for what they are; a coincidence of epic proportions that you can't plan because the random nature of them is what makes them so great.   let me back up and explain how first the term got coined and then the moments I've had since then I'd call a "pop tart" moment.   it was around 1990 and I was living in arlington, tx with a friend. I had just lost my job I moved to Dallas for and he was letting me crash in his back bedroom for $170 a month, all bills paid. I had my a......

analysis of a dream

we've all had dreams that flat woke us up in a cold sweat. or maybe it's only me and I should seek help. however, over time I've come to find my dreams usually center around a few things. I'm in familiar territory, but it's all different and changes every time I look around. if I go back to where I was, or thought I was, it's different.   maybe I went from an elaborate hotel lobby on my way to find some friends I know I'm just right on their footsteps. I turn around and go back but suddenly I'm in a crowded shopping mall. I push forward (usually happens when you go to sleep, this "dre......

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