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welcome to renegade radio, we hope you enjoy your stay

welcome to renegade radio, we hope you enjoy your stay
if you stay around and relevant long enough, even your own history page becomes outdated. that's what is happening to us here at renegade but this is good. damn good. it means we're picking up steam and out of the ashes of busted attempts by others, we're still growing. we'll face that hurdle ahead of how to pay our BMI fees soon enough, we hope. you see, the sooner we're paying those fees the sooner our own "relevance" takes it up another level. it's a problem that isn't going away and as we continuet to grow, we'll be facing it like other sites who've tried and looks like failed. speakin......

offline, holler at the iceberg - explained

here at renegade we've gone through more players than any man, woman or child should have to go through. we've been searching for the perfect one that fits and plays everywhere and for the love of midget sex to people with short attention spans, there just are not many out there. the one we have now is fantastic but not as easy to configure as i'd like. oh, it would be if i did it every day but face it, we don't change the stream provider very often. until now. basically what this message means is that our server hosting the stream isn't getting the data so no, you can't listen to the stre......

where music goes to play

So, it was with that hope, that some of the lounge owners, would tell you what to play, when to play it, and to take every single request no matter what, and NEVER play what they don't tell you..   Yeah. That worked out pretty well for me.    You see, I've always had one rule that I've stood by - Don't play music that sucks. Don't do the same s*%t that every other DJ does and pimp Metallica, just because they (At one point and time) were all OVER the f*%#ing place ("Mandatory Metallica", anybody?). Don't play Nickelback because that's what's "hot"..   ......

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16 August 2016
“I was stylin’ and profilin’ in elementary school, and knew what I wanted to do with my life when I was six years old.” said Joey C Jones, kicking back with his feet propped up when asked how it all b...
04 December 2016
Most of us go through high school without a clear path ahead but with any luck, some questions answered about what we’d like to do with our time and life. Then again, some people just know early on an...
09 June 2015
"Do you have a flag?" ... "No flag, no country!  You can't have one!" ... "Those are the rules that I've just made up!" During the Age of Exploration (late 1400s to at leas...
16 November 2015
Whenever you start quoting latin, you know you’re quoting some old OLD verbiage. This statement in fact is found in Book 3 of Latin author Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus tract De Re Militari, alth...
18 July 2015
Attention comic readers! It's completely possible that the combination of the Marvel comic realities could be a disaster.  Using my favorite childhood comic Spider-Man as an example, he had at ...