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when you troll an iceberg

  (ok, so that didn’t work and they came back again) Her: Ok are you married Me: Yes. To myself. I have control issues. But to my credit, I did play hard to get   Her: Omo iya (apparently Nigerian) Me. I came home one day, I was there. Screw it. I left.   Her: Bowoni Me: So you've been there too   Her: Where u from Me: 1965. Can we move this on faster?   Her: How Me: We need to be bff in a few minutes   Her: Are u Me: In fact, I am I thought this as well   Her: I dont understand u Me: I don't understand me either. S......

Book Review: The Second Coming, a Love Story

Ya know what it is, is something very special. Pinsker takes us on an epic journey of the End Times, but the literary device that he employs – a Savior and an Antichrist who may not be what they seem – creates a foreboding undercurrent that’s irresistible.  Never before have good and evil, light and dark, God and Satan been so interchangeable.  And at the last minute, right when you think you’ve figured everything out, all the pieces come together in an ending that would give a (young; not old) M. Night Shyamalan night-terrors and WILL BLOW YOUR MIND.   In order to explore these......

so you want to start a radio station?

Between people coming to Renegade, finding us on facebook (yea, right. People are too busy showing off their lunch to give a damn who else is out there) or being involved in discussion groups such as linked in and so forth, I see a lot of people asking “man, help me setup a radio station!” One of my first questions back is “why”? Oddly enough that stops a lot of people in their tracks. If you don’t stop and think about the whys and what’s, you wind up doing this for: 1.       Love of music 2.       Your friends 3.  ......

social media crumbles again

Sort of. You can’t make efforts to avoid the law. You must be over 18 to talk about guns. (if someone could explain that bit of nonsense to me, I’d appreciate it) and in a bold move have issued this pointed statement that simply could *never* be misrepresented. “will not permit people to post offers to sell regulated items that indicate a willingness to evade or help others evade the law."(reference) Well that should clear everything up, to be sure. But what *is* the law exactly? Well gun control activists call this the “gun show loophole” because you see, if you are a private seller, yo......

craving strange - a life exceptional

  "Dirty Rock" kicks off the release with one hell of a groove.. You can't help but want to dance in your seat with that deep, gutteral bass line from Tommy Wendt.. Then it's all guns blazing as  you've got the Anthem-like "Your Last Day Alive". "Here and Gone" is one that sticks out as well  - Catchy rhythm & Passionate lyrics all in a tight package. Then there's the title track, "A Life Exceptional" which SCREAMS crowd-pleaser - and that's not a bad thing. "Do You Remember" has possibly some of the most powerful lyrics on the album......

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16 August 2016
“I was stylin’ and profilin’ in elementary school, and knew what I wanted to do with my life when I was six years old.” said Joey C Jones, kicking back with his feet propped up when asked how it all b...
04 December 2016
Most of us go through high school without a clear path ahead but with any luck, some questions answered about what we’d like to do with our time and life. Then again, some people just know early on an...
09 June 2015
"Do you have a flag?" ... "No flag, no country!  You can't have one!" ... "Those are the rules that I've just made up!" During the Age of Exploration (late 1400s to at leas...
16 November 2015
Whenever you start quoting latin, you know you’re quoting some old OLD verbiage. This statement in fact is found in Book 3 of Latin author Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus tract De Re Militari, alth...
18 July 2015
Attention comic readers! It's completely possible that the combination of the Marvel comic realities could be a disaster.  Using my favorite childhood comic Spider-Man as an example, he had at ...