Scandroid - "Monochrome" Review


Scandroid “Monochrome” Review

Editor's note: I totally realized i had stated the self-titled debut album was 2017. That is incorrect, as it was released in 2016. Fixed! - Sean

Let me start off by saying – I’m a Scandroid fan. There’s nothing I didn’t love about his self titled release in 2016, or the multiple remix albums that followed.  I’ll consider myself a die-hard since The Scandroid project, at least, has been in full swing.  Yes, I’ve picked up every single, and all the goodies.  So, sure, you could group me in with  “Fanboys” if you will, before continuing on, as I have been given the opportunity to write up a pre-release review of Scandroid’s sophomore release, “Monochrome”, due out October 27, 2017 on  FiXT Records.

If 2016’s self-titled “Scandroid” was the proof-of-concept album, “Monochrome”  is where Klayton really is diving in to unhinged creative mode, and it shows. Several  singles have already been released for the album, including “Afterglow”, “Rendezvous”, “A Thousand years” and a cover of the one and only John William’sThe Force Theme”, and I have to admit that I haven’t been able to stop listening to a single one.

It Kicks off with “2518”, a successor to the previous album’s “2517”, and it maintains the same theme, and feels like it would be right in place during the intro credits of any John Carpenter-led Apocalyptic Sci Fi film. “Rendezvous” and “Afterglow” follow – both are super catchy, solid singles that will probably get stuck in the back of your brain.  Up next is a treacherous path, as he takes on a pop-culture classic, Michael Jackson’sThriller” - quite frankly he makes me want to listen to it again, as the original had lost its appeal to me personally, after hearing it at every Halloween party ever.  I’ve already listened to it a few times over and he definitely has breathed new life into the song for me, while still keeping just enough in it for lovers of the original to REALLY be able to dig into it. This is followed by “Oblivia” which  if you’re a fan of Rush, there seems to be a little nod to Rush’s “Tom Sawyer” that leads into a pretty badass instrumental track all around.

At the Halfway point, we have the title track “Monochrome” which continues the narrative of Red, and it’s quite catchy in it’s own right. Next up is the instrumental cover of John William’s “The Force Theme from the Star Wars series and honestly, this version has been the ringtone on my phone for several months now. It’s an absolutely epic rendition.  “Future Bloodline is up next, which is irresistibly catchy, like most of the album before,  followed by the previously released “A Thousand YearsWhich I find difficult to not want to sing along to. If the next track, “On The Face Of The Deep isn’t on the upcoming Bladerunner 2049 soundtrack, I’ll be rather perplexed, because The vibe this instrumental track gives off just bleeds (As does most of the material) of cyberpunk, androids, and the future, and I say that knowing that’s exactly what this project is going for.  Next up is what I’m going to bet will be a single down the line, “The Veil”, and it would be well deserved. Closing out the album would be another instrumental, “Searching For A Lost Horizon and if this were a film, it would suitably be the best ending-credits music you could find, as it then leads into ‘Bonus track’ territory with a Remix by PYLOT of “Thriller” which is absolutely phenomenally well produced and completely addicting.

In closing, Here’s what you need to know – “Monochrome” is top to bottom a solid release.  It definitely expands on the concept that was started with the first Scandroid album, and I’m hopeful that there will not be any slowdown of future material from this project. If you’re into New-Wave, EDM, Electronic Rock, or Industrial, then I cannot implore you enough to check out Klayton in Scandroid, or in any of his other projects including Celldweller or Circle of Dust.

Scandroid – “Monochrome”

Label: FiXT Records
Release: Oct 27, 2017

Also, for your listening pleasure - Here's that badass Star Wars cover! 

Steelheart - Through Worlds of Stardust
13 Songs #1

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