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It's amazing what a conversation at a gas station can lead to.  In this case it led to the start of Red Sun Rising with Mike Protich and Ryan Williams simply talking over music, pumping some gas in 2006 and by 2007 they were into playing local gigs; the journey had started. In 2015 they released their smash debut "Polyester Zeal" which hit 11 on the Billboard Hard Rock album chart.

Polyester Zeal produced 3 songs we play on Renegade Radio since its release in “The Otherside”, “Emotionless” and “Amnesia”; with the first 2 reaching #1 on the mainstream rock chart. Repeating that success will not be easy, but Red Sun Rising has reloaded and Thread was released in March with Deathwish leading the assault on the charts once again.

The overall movement these days today is yesterday. By that I mean Late 60s, somewhat early 70s that leaves traditional rock behind and works to redefine alternative. This feeling also goes back to a time when music was great for the sake of music and to me a more “honest” time in life when it came to the stylings of the musicians of the day. Even the cover of Thread echos to the past with eyeballed daisies and a font reminiscent of days gone by now coming back for seconds.

Red Sun Risings music does remind you of those times but it’s also modern in nature and feel and the vocals of Protich bring it to a head, fitting their chosen style perfectly, blending yesterday and today into tomorrow’s sound.

Adding to this “icepicks” for April, I had the pleasure of seeing Red Sun Rising at Trees recently and can talk also to their live performance as well as their studio sound.  I'll sum it up with WOW. The band loves what they do and it comes across from the first song and doesn't let you go until the last. High energy, great interaction, jokes about who in the crowd will scream something stupid first all made for a great time you'll want to go back for again and again.

Thread picks up where Polyesther Zeal left off and honestly, they gave themselves a hard act to follow in Polyester Zeal, so let's see what we can find in Thread to live up to the amazing debut. Deathwish again is their first official release and it shows they're not missing a beat to continue their unique sound while refining it at the same time. 

Fascination has the grinding rock/alternative sound matched by the wailings of Protich that set the tone well. Left for Dead changes the pace a bit and then - Deathwish. The rest of Thread moves in and out in energy and feel continuing to build their own sound and style very well. Notable songs likely to have you reaching for rewind include Left for Dead, Clarity, Stealing Life and Fascination. I'll paypal the band $5 to simply explain Benny Two Dogs to me.

When you come back through Dallas, I’d love some time for an interview. Dinners on me.


Band Members
Mike Protich - Vocals, Guitar 
Ryan Williams - Guitar
Ricky Miller - Bass, Vocals
Dave McGarry - Guitar, Vocals
Pat Gerasia - Drums

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