Sebastian Bach at Trees/Dallas

Sebastian Bach at Trees in Dallas, TX on May 7 was sold out and absolutely phenomenal. But first I would like to talk about the band he is touring with, Santa Cruz. Originally from Finland, their sound rings very much of the Skid Row grit and heavier side of 80s heavy metal. They appeared on the show Breaking Band with Sebastian as their mentor. Saturday night was the last stop of their first tour in Texas. They were great. They have an energizing stage presence and lead singer, Archie Cruz, has a dynamic voice. It is evident they learned a lot from Sebastian and are a perfect match as his supporting band.
Sebastian still has as great a voice now as he did in the 80s. Sometimes he was hard to hear over the screaming and singing of the crowd, however. But that just goes to show that people still love him and know the words to his, or better yet Skid Row’s, most famous songs: “18 and Life”, “I Remember You”, and “Youth Gone Wild”. As much of a metalhead as he still is, he showed that he has matured since his youth gone wild days when he sang a more country style song, that he cowrote with Rich of Big & Rich, during the acoustic set of his show. During the more electric set of his show, he proved that he can still do that characteristic heavy metal scream of his along with headbanging and undeniable ability to energize a crowd.
Overall this concert was incredible. I wish Sebastian would have played more of his solo music, such as “Kicking and Screaming”, but he did play one song from his solo album, Angel Down, called “American Metalhead.” I like that it was held at Trees because it is a more intimate venue, allowing you to get more up close and personal with the bands. Santa Cruz hung out at Trees after the show and I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with them. They are really great guys with incredible talent. If you haven’t heard Santa Cruz, you should definitely check them out. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



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