yay!!! a newsreel!!! jemini has moved on with the day job and we hope to have her back in action soon. SAAAWEEEET ACTION that is.  :) in the meantime, the berg is coming out of hiding and working on backend stuff for the group but needs to do more front end stuff too. so - here's our coming live streams.

10/3 - Evenflow in Bayshore. #KeepYourPromises Breast Cancer Fundraiser hosted by our own AmexPhoenix from BadSeedRadio!

10-6 KB Farels, Bellmore - Long Island Rock UNPLUGGED!!!
Craving Strange, Reven 9, Sean Twisted (don't ask, just listen and/or GO!) Aqua Cherry and more TBA!

10-25 - Evenflow in Bayshore. Michael Graves (formerly of the Misfits)

10-31 - Evenflow HALLOWEEN BASH!!! Now with Revel 9 also making this a CD Release party!!!

We are also in early stages of talking to some cool music news content providers as well as doing some of our *own* commentary (cough get after it berg cough) so keep an eye out on new stories and subtle changes to the site coming up.

iceberg (yes i talk to myself in 3rd person at times, iceberg doesn't care)