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September 10, 2017

Blacktop Mojo Does It Again…

Never done this before. Came close a few times, yes. But I don’t recall ever…
August 23, 2017

Jimmy Ray - Live to…

If I were to ask you how you found your favorite rock band, where does…
August 17, 2017

Icepicks for August - Ingram…

When making a playlist there’s a lot of things I think about; how well known…
July 24, 2017

Linkin Park / Chester Bennington…

Chester Bennington unfortunately passed away on 7/20/17. His death has had a very strange effect…
July 03, 2017

icepicks for July - Colossal…

At times you never know where your next favorite song is coming from. In the…
June 25, 2017

Icepicks for June - Bad…

The good thing about working with a lot of passionate people in this business is…
June 09, 2017

JIBE - Epic Tales of…

This is tough one for me. When I first started Renegade Radio, everything was new and…
June 05, 2017

Doyle II - As We…

For the handful of you out there who may be unfamiliar, Doyle got his start…
May 06, 2017

icepicks for may - thrilldriver

While we do have a submissions folder for new music, our recent shift to more…

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so much to do, so hard to keep up

jemini i believe got lost in austin recently and was last seen 6 blocks south of 6th street on the 6th house on the left with what was left of a 6 pack of 6oz wine coolers. none of us have any idea what that means but we sure hope she's having, had fun! she works hard out there in the wild documenting petrified poop and sharing the pics on facebook.

hey, better than the damn hotdog you ate for lunch you had to show off. come to think of it, they looked kinda about like the same thing...


we're still coming off the shock tu high from last weekend and catching up on things for this site. i've got some hurdles to fix up internally on the blogging and am wondering - if we build it will they write? if i created a "dallas" or "long island" grouping for bloggers, would they come and write about the local scene? got some things to cover in regard to the security of those types of accounts, but hey - maybe...or maybe do it "offsite" and sponsored by... wanna blog for renegade? if you've read some of my stuff it's not like we push accuracy much if that would stop you. hit up iceberg AT renegaderadio DOT net and let him know and if a few people are in, i'll figure out how to do it.

lee russell at gas monkey will be getting us the footage from the shock tu show and we will be putting together a quick "show" of our own and putting some surprises and a good "lead in" and maybe let mike loose on camera editing and creativity. last time we did that a few weeks later people were talking about a "black knight" satellite orbiting the earth but i promise you he had NOTHING to do with that.

now i do wonder who's googling that to see if it's real.

it is.


things are picking up and this year has started off strong. MANY changes you simply can't see include we own our own virtual server. yes. a server of nothing we own. if the electricity goes out, it dies. it de-rezzes (tron reference - keep up!) but hey, its ALIVE - ALIVE when the power comes back but to get to the point, we own our own shoutcast server and software now with enough power and storage to do whatever the hell we want.

we are not dependant of another service to bring to you. well other than power of course, we know what happens to our servers when THAT goes away....but we pay BMI yearly, we are cleaning up reporting as asked, and we can do that much more easily now because our centova server allows reporting of what we play.

which is nice.

but that did alter pretty much how we did EVERYTHING on the backend. net gain is quite a bit so that's great, but the last few weeks i've had to catch my breath and focus on some other projects also. but today the stream is updated, and we will continue to update it as we find more and more bad ass rock and roll.

you see - we have 1 goal here. always have. to be a viable outlet for rock and roll of all types. in 15 years we've stood strong, legal, and at times, alone but while other service based stations go POOF when "their electricity" goes off, we're here. rockin. tellin you about it. then going out and doing it agian and again and again in our effort to keep music alive and well in the digial age of "what, buy something"?

and we'd have succeeded too if it wasn't for you kids!!!!! (scoobie doobie doo!!!!)

but more changes are coming, more growth, and more partnerships as the time is now to start pulling the disparate pieces scattered about in the aftermath of the death of services such as live365, soundcloud and other services who went at it to make money in a time entitlement killed the radio star, but we've never been here to make money.

spend it like a mother fucker at times sure. but not make it.

we're here to rock with you so thank you for joining us.

and if you happen to be in austin 6 somethings away from 6 something elses, please take care of our jemjem. :)

iceberg (filling in for our wandering one)


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